Boiler and Auxiliary Technical Services

Industrial fan repairs, replacement, reconditioning and balancing

PO Box 689, Pinetown,

3600, South Africa

+27 31 700 2731

+27 31 700 6684 fax

Welcome to Batsfab

  • We rebuild and repair industrial centrifugal fans and accessories;
  • Our credo is "We promise deliveries and deliver promises";
  • Our client base includes almost the complete spectrum of the manufacturing industry;
  • Our in-house balancing facility is large enough to accommodate most workshop requirements, only outsourcing the largest impellers to a Durban facility;
  • Our site balancing service extends beyond fans to all manner of rotating machines;
  • Continued and repeat business attests to client satisfaction with our support service;
  • Shell Boiler I.D. fan rotors, if not completely assembled, are available at 1 to 2 days delivery (we cater for left hand rotation fans too).


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