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Industrial fan repairs, replacement, reconditioning and balancing

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Current Fan Repair Work

Chopper fan (inlet and side view (opposite))

Business in the cardboard has spread, by reputation, to Port Elizabeth.

Who knows? This year, PE, next year, Helsinki?

Newly built sugarmill Boiler SA Fan - returned for repairs-after injudicious use of fork lift truck by carrier company.

Small rotoclone - on test at 700 RPM after reblading and new front plate.

Rotoclone rebuilt on existing AISI 304 backplate-with 81 speciality blades for fine particle separation. Frontsheet hooks added to facilitate assembly without blade damage from rigging.

Smelter Plant Fan-rebuilt to requirements for stores spare assembly.
Cost less than 60% of original price-with better "paint job"

2,5 Diameter Radial Tipped Boiler Fan with bolt protection in high-wear area of grit erosion. (visible countersunk bolts are mainly undamaged as erosion in that area in lower than elsewhere)

Boiler ID fan (operating behind 40 year -old dust collector) life with upgraded liners-indefinite, but liners only last 12 to 18 months.
This fan needed re-blading because the service period was extended to 30 months (presumably for operational reasons)

High pressure /High speed, class V impeller for product removal in chemical plant.

Custom built Shell Boiler I.D. Fan - for floor mounting alongside free-standing chimney.

Bagasse fired boiler fan baffles to mitigate erosion damage to impeller structure (new age materials coming soon)

This replacement fan is specifically strengthened to withstand temperatures in excess of 300 degrees centigrade in a pressboard drier. Sadly, still working in 2009!

A recently supplied 'board chopper fan', identical to three supplied over ten years to the same client involved in the corrugated cardboard industry.

The correct manufacture is imperative for the reduction of fire hazard and the transport of chopped board to the baling press.

Cement industry high pressure fan - adorned with two male models who also have day jobs.

Boiler ID fan rotor rebuilt on existing shaft to be installed before March 2006.


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