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Fan Problems

Our Fan Type Identification Guide

In order to expedite our response to clients who are experiencing problems with fans that service their factory requirements and who have no spare impellers (run on break down mode), we have developed and will revise further, a procedure by which we can respond to your needs more quickly.

Briefly, it entails:

  1. Your browsing the following data to provide us with some basic information'
  2. We fax you a sketch of what your information tells us,
  3. You fill out the tabular dimesion table of sizes etc.,
  4. We confirm by submitting a sketch with dimensions and a quote for price and delivery ex works.

When you click the link at the bottom of this page, it will open a blank data page. Please print this page and proceed through the linked pages until you can fill out all the items.

For example: ft-3, pv-f, rotation rh, bs-4, bp-p, blade number: 10.

If you are one of our existing clients, and require a fan that we have remanufactured previously, please enter only your previous order number into the data page (or our job reference).

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