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Troubleshooting Fan Problems

Over many years, companies have operated equipment in various circumstances and to a great extent, have fought the same problems that others have (a) already dealt with or (b) have yet to experience. For instance :-

The same maintenance fitter changes bearings on all 4 boiler I.D. fans. 1 fan loses bearings far more frequently than the other 3 - Why ? Standby shell boiler was started up to go on range. I.D. fan was ok previously but vibrated madly on start up - Why ?

To a minor extent, we endeavour to shed light on some of the more repetitive issues in order to help those who haven't 'fought that fight' to anticipate the corrective action. At the same time, we exhort you to include your own trouble shooting experiences, via our occasional newsletter, to share the solution to Murphy's Law problems with other subscribers.

We have available (and use frequently on site) Schenck portable test equipment for balancing and for spectrum analysis of problems, especially when our (and your) main equipment is inadequate for diagnostics - our eyes, hands, ears and noses.

After all, the electronics is a supplement not a substitute. Experience helps too. Call us if the problem won't go away on (T) +27 (0)31 700 2731


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